My name is Matt. This blog started out as a personal research project. The objectives:

1. Learn Python.
2. Learn how to do price tracking on products.
3. Learn about alternative tenting/camping.

I started out to learn about rooftop tents and that world. But then I quickly got sucked into roof racks and weight problems. Posts that should take an hour actually take a couple of days to write because of the research involved.

What is the best rooftop tent?

Well, it depends on your needs, vehicle and how much money you’re willing to spend. I like the Smittybilt Overlander because it’s cheap ($900), light (117lbs), compares favorably to more expensive tents and sleeps up to 3 people. An upgraded version of this tent would be the Kukenam 3 by Tepui. The little brother of the Kukenam 3 would the Explorer Ayer by Tepui which is suitable for smaller vehicles. For longer vehicles I like the Raptor Voyager at $850. I review them all here.

If you want to sleep more than 3 people on top of your vehicle then maybe you should rethink this whole rooftop tent thing.

I’m not an engineer. I’m an insurance-mathematician. That means I know lots of math and maybe a little engineering. I’m finding it really hard to get a good handle on this whole rack thing. Maybe I don’t want to buy a rooftop tent then turn around and spend a fortune on a rack for it. Do I really need that expensive rack? Maybe, but there might be other options

I’m biased against expensive racks and expensive tents too. Do you really need them? Maybe, but maybe not. If you have the money, and don’t mind spending it then go for it. Otherwise, how can I make inexpensive work for me?

I question going much over the maximum rooftop cargo load limit as set by the manufacturer. The reason for this is center of gravity while driving. I’m not exited about raising my center of gravity too much. It seems like quite a few people are loading up their vehicles while ignoring the cargo limit.

What about affiliate links?

Currently, affiliate links are on three pages:

1. Materials List
2. Price Tracking: Tepui Ayer & Kukenam, Rapter Voyager and Smittybilt Overlander
3. CVT Roof Top Tents – Price Tracking