Best Budget Rooftop Tent

Smittybilt Overlander Rooftop Tent

The best budget roof top tent is the Smittybilt Overlander. It’s very popular at Amazon.Com. It compares favorably to other tents which are much more expensive. Some of the stats at Amazon.Com: Rating: 4.6 stars out of 5, over 200 reviews., 4-season, sleeps 2 to 3, base footprint 56 x 95in and weighs 117lbs. What’s it like? See the video below.

How has my [Smittybilt Overlander] ROOF TOP TENT held up after 1 Year? – YouTube

Below is a comparison between the Smittybilt Overlander the Tepui Ayer.  The areas where Tepui wins: smaller footprint, lighter weight, better ladder, more air vents and the travel cover attachment. Smittybilt won or tied everything else. At the end it seems clear that given it’s very low price, the Smittybilt Overlander is a much better deal than the Tepui Ayer.

Installation tends to be difficult with this tent. It’s not that hard but you’ll need to watch some YouTube videos about the installation process because the instructions aren’t very good. Once mounted the setup and take down are easy.

You may need to buy a 2in foam mattress cover to improve comfort. Also, the ladder is a little crappy as compared to other tents but it still works just fine.

One reviewer said (I summarized):

Mounting the tent over his truck bed improves fuel economy. The tent is water resistant all over, not just the rainfly. Blowing rain is not going to enter the tent from the side. The mattress is OK but not real comfortable. Improvements: anti-theft nuts and a bigger rainfly.

You can get more Smittybilt Overlander specs here.

People seem to really like this tent. A big reason is that it is a budget rooftop tent that delivers pretty good value. If the size works for you then put this at or near the top of your list for rooftop tents.

Update 27-May-2020:

Now Smittybilt has come out with another model: Smittybilt GEN2 Overlander Tent – 2583. Check out the video:

This tent is available at 4WheelParts.Com for $1,150. This next generation tent has solved the crappy ladder problem. The fabric is the same but the color is different. Overall, this tent looks to be very similar to the prior model, although there may be some minor issues addressed like the poor straps.

Raptor Series Offgrid Voyager Rooftop Tent

This tent is about 7 feet long and the base doesn’t fold. You don’t sleep perpendicular to the vehicle like in other rooftop tents. You sleep parallel to the vehicle. Amazon.Com stats: rating: 4.5 from 14 reviews. It sleeps 2. It’s a little heavy at about 149lbs. The cost is $850. Take a look at the questions and answers section before discounting this tent. There tends to be questions on whether it fits certain vehicles.

Offgrid Voyager Rooftop Tent by Raptor Series – YouTube

The video shows how easy the set up is.

One reviewer’s comment at Amazon.Com(I summarized): It fits my Bronco and H3. It’s easy to install, and easy to set up and take down. The tents seems to be made out of quality materials. It’s comfortable and well ventilated. Big door.  It’s great in rain, sun and snow.

The biggest issue with this tent is that it is long. Can your vehicle handle it? Note that some overhang in back and in front is acceptable if needed.

Want to know how to put a rooftop tent onto your vehicle and take it off by yourself. Check out this ultra simple ramp system that is so easy you can built it yourself.

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