Best Rooftop Tent for a Tacoma

Installing a rack and Smittybilt Overlander rooftop tent on a 2018 Toyota Tacoma:

Installing a ROOFTOP TENT on my New Tacoma! – YouTube

Here is the rack: 2005+ Toyota Tacoma Complete Bed Rack Setup | eBay.

It turns out that the Smittybilt Overlander rooftop tent is a very popular tent. It’s weight is only 117lbs and easily carried by a Tacoma. If you have a Yakima HD bed rack, a Tacoma can carry at least 300lbs. That gives you a lot of rooftop tent options. Here are some of the most popular tents that I’ve seen:

1. Smittybilt Overlander
2. Raptor Series Voyager
3. Tepui Kukenam 3
4. Tepui Ayer 2
5. Yakima SkyRise 3

Here’s a quick comparison table:

SpecVoyagerAyer 2OverlanderKukenam 3SkyRise 3
Sleep Capacity22333
Sleep Footprint48 x 78in48 x 84in56 x 95in56 x 96in56 x 96in
Load Capacity750lbs400lbs661lbs661lbs606lbs
Fabric600-denier poly/cot600-denier poly/cot600-denier poly/cot600-denier poly/cot210-denier nylon
Peak Height48in39in51in52in48in

The first four tents I cover here. Yakima SkyRise 3 is covered here.

Update 27-May-2020:

Now Smittybilt has come out with another model: Smittybilt GEN2 Overlander Tent – 2583. Check out the video:

This tent is available at 4WheelParts.Com for $1,150. This next generation tent has solved the crappy ladder problem. The fabric is the same but the color is different. Overall, this tent looks to be very similar to the prior model, although there may be some minor issues addressed like the poor straps.

The base of the Raptor Series Voyager doesn’t bend like all the others. The Smittybilt Overlander is the best deal. The Yakima SkyRise 3 is the easiest to install and pop on and off. Kukenam 3 is better than the Smittybilt Overlander but is it worth the price?

Since weight is not so much of a constraint, you can go to the next level. This next rooftop tent is a cross between a camper and rooftop tent. And it doesn’t need a rack.

Roof Top Tent on a Tacoma | AT Overland Truck Camper – YouTube

Adventure Trailers Habitat Truck Topper – AT Overland Equipment

“AT Overland Equipment is proud to present the Habitat™ Truck Topper. Purpose built for overland and adventure travel, the Habitat™ uses high-quality materials and provides a lightweight, yet robust camping platform for your pickup truck.

Designed to fill the void between the traditional topper and slide in camper, the Habitat™ can easily be deployed by one person, revealing a cavernous and functional interior space. The design allows for full standup room inside the bed of the truck under it’s protective all-season tent – an exclusive design by Nemo Equipment.

The cantilever sleeping platform, supported by stout 6061 aluminum rods, features a comfortable dense foam mattress that supports up to 600 pounds. Weighing in at just 340 pounds, the Habitat™ is available for both full and mid size pickup trucks.” – Source.

iKamper X-Cover is a new soft-shell RRT that has no bulky PVC cover and can be unfolded for use in just 3 minutes. Instead, it has a hard-top that doubles as a platform for a gear rack, when the tent is packed, and as an additional floor panel, when at camp.

iKamper X-Cover on Tacoma at timestamp 6:22:

This is the Mt. St. Helens hard shell rooftop tent by Cascadia Vehicle Tents.

The Hard Shell CVT Roof Top Tent [on Tacoma] – YouTube

Here’s a video of un-boxing, installation and first look at the Yakima SkyRise 2 rooftop tent on a Tacoma.

In the following we video there is the Kukenam 3 on a Yakima rack. I provide the components of the racks below.

Installing a Yakima Rack and a Tepui Kukenam 3 on My 2019 Tacoma

The Tepui Kukenam 3 is a nicer version of the Smittybilt Overlander but it’s more expensive. The Yakima rack from RackAttack consists of three components:

1. Yakima HD Bar Medium (At Yakima)
2. Yakima SkyLine (Set of 4) – Yakima Car Rack System (At Yakima)
3. Yakima 4 Pack SKS Cores – Yakima Rack Lock (At Yakima)

Rooftop Tent Rack for Tacoma

Yakima has three truck bed racks:

1. OverHaul HD – Adjustable height from 19–30″ – $700 – load 500/300 lbs (on/off road)
2. OutPost HD – Fixed mid-height position of 13″ – $500 – load 500/300 lbs (on/off road)
3. BedRock HD – Low profile fixed position – $240 – load 300/180 lbs (on/off road)

These are four towers that require the Yakima crossbars for additional $250. So the total cost would range from $490 to $750.

Yakima Overhaul HD Truck Bed Rack – YouTube