Price Tracking: Tepui Ayer & Kukenam, Rapter Voyager and Smittybilt Overlander

Below is a price tracking table that is updated daily. It covers the Tepui Ayer, Tepui Kukenam, Rapter Voyager and Smittybilt Overlander. Legend notes follow the table. My notes follow at the end. Note: Click the Date arrow to change the sort order. How to read the legend: 1. Ayer(A) = Tepui Explorer Ayer at … Read more

CVT Roof Top Tents – Price Tracking

Here is a table of daily prices for CVT rooftop tents : [Legend information is below the table.] Note: Click the little arrow next to the Date in order to reverse sort the column. Legend: 1. Batch = CVT Mt. Bachelor Roof Top Tent 2. Denal = CVT Mt. Denali Roof Top Tent 3. Rain … Read more