How to Get Your Dog into a Rooftop Tent

There are few different methods to get your dog into a rooftop tent. You can do all the work. You can make the dog do all the work. Both you and the dog do part of the work. Or you build a ramp for the dog to walk up. Let’s look at the methods one … Read more

Rooftop Tent Leveling

Rooftop tent leveling is the equivalent of camper leveling. You would like your vehicle to be mostly level to avoid the tendency to roll to one side during sleep. Just two simple tools will do the trick: leveling blocks and a simple, small bubble level. Rooftop tent leveling blocks The first one is a camper … Read more

How to Remove a Rooftop Tent by Yourself

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy method to remove your rooftop tent after every camping trip? Then lift it up solo onto the rack and mount it? Take a look at this video which shows the ultimate rooftop tent tip/trick: How To: Remove CVT roof top tent off 4runner by yourself – YouTube … Read more

Rooftop Tent Moisture Control

Warm and moist air on the inside of your rooftop tent. Nice and cold air at night on the outside. Those two environments meet at the tent walls and floor. And it’s where you have a moisture control problem in the form of water condensation. You may need to address this problem. You are probably … Read more