How to Get Your Dog into a Rooftop Tent

There are few different methods to get your dog into a rooftop tent. You can do all the work. You can make the dog do all the work. Both you and the dog do part of the work. Or you build a ramp for the dog to walk up.

Let’s look at the methods one by one:

The modified jump method: lift dog onto hood and dog does the rest

This one is my favorite method. Lift the dog onto the hood and the dog does a little jump onto the top of the vehicle and climbs through the window. You can put down a blanket or two if you want to protect your vehicle. Your tent must provide an open window for the dog to jump into as it jumps over the windshield.

The jump method: dog does everything

Here the dog does everything. He jumps onto the hood and then onto the top of the vehicle and into the window. You just stand there and watch. Again, you need to an open window for the dog. Check out this video: Camping Loca Style.

Lift dog into the tent

Here you do everything by lifting your dog(s) into the tent. Here there are two dogs: One around 50lbs and the other around 75lbs. The guy is 6ft 4in. He shows us how he lifts the dogs into the tent one at a time. The tent is mounted low in his truck bed making the whole process a lot easier. I’ve seen other videos where a person will carry a dog up the ladder.

He’s got a CVT rooftop tent mounted on a Thule Xsporter rack: Thule Xsporter Pro Multi-Height Aluminum Truck Rack.

RTT dog ramp setup

This one is pretty cool but you have to lug around a ramp.

Some other options include:

Make a dog bed in the rooftop tent annex or shower/changing room. This is a pretty good option.

Let the dog sleep in your vehicle. This might be a problem if your dog get sick, but there is the same risk if they’re sleeping up in the rooftop tent. Just be careful what you feed them.

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