How to Remove a Rooftop Tent by Yourself

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy method to remove your rooftop tent after every camping trip? Then lift it up solo onto the rack and mount it? Take a look at this video which shows the ultimate rooftop tent tip/trick:

How To: Remove CVT roof top tent off 4runner by yourself – YouTube

It’s a simple ramp with winch – easier than rooftop tent crane. Just two pieces of wood 10 feet long and a few purchases from bicycle hooks, winch and dolly. Just slide the rooftop tent onto the raised ramp with the help of the winch. Use the winch to slowly lower it. Then push it onto the dolly so it’s standing on its side. Push dolly to side of garage for storage. Reverse to load it back on the rack all by yourself. It’s easy to do and easy to build.

Here’s another video using the exact same method:

Rooftop Tent Removal – The easy way! – YouTube

How you do it: Two 10ft boards with 4 bicycle hooks and a winch.

Materials List

– 2×10 boards and 4 bicycle hooks.
– Bicycle hooks (100lb capacity each; use 4):
– Winch
– Dolly

You can find links for the above materials here.

Next, easy install on vehicle

Once you get the rooftop tent on the rack you may have some trouble screwing on the nuts due to the tight spaces. Check out the tightspot ratchet wrenches here on my materials page.